Wounded warrior project donations

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Wounded Warrior Project accused of wasting donation money

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Wounded Warrior Project execs fired

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Wounded Warrior Project

Find Wounded Warrior Project Shirts & Apparel From Under Armour. Wearing Wounded Warrior apparel from Under Armour® is a simple way to show your support of US military members, veterans and their loved ones. That’s because for each Under Armour® Wounded Warrior garment sold, Under Armour® donates a portion of the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Foundation, a leading nonprofit.

Over 93% of your donation goes to program use. We have been supporting warriors and their family members since as an IRS-approved (c)(3) public charity.

Wounded Warriors Need Your Support

The Goals. To provide handmade quilts for servicemen and women wounded while serving our country. To share the joy of quilting and working together as a community in a mentoring environment. ABOUT FREEDOM HUNTERS. Freedom Hunters is a (c)3 military outreach program dedicated to honoring those who protect our Freedoms.

Our mission is to salute the noble work of our courageous men and women of our Armed Forces. Your donations to veterans funds Wounded Warrior Project programs and services to our wounded veterans.

Anger and dismay greeted the announcement last week that the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit that helps wounded veterans, had fired its top staff.

Many Americans gave their trust and donated.

Wounded warrior project donations
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