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Simandou is a km long range of hills located in Calmonz and Kankan regions of southeastern Guinea, in the country's mountainous, forested Guinée Forestière region.

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At the southern end of the range the site of a large iron ore deposit is currently being developed. USAID is committed to continue supporting economic growth in Afghanistan by providing access to credit, and facilitating business expansion and job creation.

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Through our assistance programs, USAID plays an active and critical role in the promotion of U.S. foreign policy interests. Where We Work | U.S.

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Agency for International Development Skip to main content. InUSAID/PPL's Office of Learning, Evaluation, and Research, supported by the Knowledge-Driven Microenterprise Development (KDMD) project, funded "Learning Improvement Projects.". Pacific-American Climate Fund Request for Applications Released; Funding Support Available for Pacific Island Organizations.

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The Pacific-American Climate Fund (PACAM) is a five-year USAID project that provides grants to civil society organizations throughout the Pacific Rim in support of climate change adaptation measures.

Usaid projects
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