Soul wound

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Some situations in life seem to reach in and wound the very depths of our soul. When our soul is wounded we can sometimes feel as if we can never recover.

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Soul healing takes time but here are some of the signs that tell us that healing has taken place. The Wounded Soul. Many of us carry a wounded soul.

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Our soul is also known as our spiritual heart. God showed me that our heart has four chambers like our. The "Soul Wound" is essentially the physical, psychological and spiritual damage which is the direct and residual result of the mass genocide and colonization campaign that followed the initial contact between American Indians and Europeans and Americans.

Soul wounds can cause a person to get spiritually stuck and unable to move forward to draw near to our Lord. But, the good news is that our early, unhealthy relationship styles don’t have to.

The Wounded Soul.

Soul Wound: How Will I Know I’ve Healed?

Many of us carry a wounded soul. Our soul is also known as our spiritual heart. God showed me that our heart has four chambers like our physical heart which are mind, will, conscience and emotions. Soul Wound: When the soul is wounded, it is called ‘inner wounds’ just like the body is called physical wound Wound is inflicted on the soul through the gateway of the mind, will emotions, feelings, intellect and experiences.

Soul wound
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Healing Inner wounds - the prophetic voice to the Church