Service characteristics of hospitality and tourism

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Dark tourism

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A number of points immediately demand attention. Firstly, the form and nature of relations between local people and tourists evidently varies significantly, from structured, commercial exchange-based encounters to spontaneous, serendipitous meetings or even relations that involve no contact or communication at all (that is, limited to the sharing of space).

Accounting for Hospitality Industry [Elisa S. Moncarz, Nestor de J. Portocarrero] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book provides readers with a balanced mix of accounting theory and practice, tailored to the special needs of the hospitality service industries.

It gives attention to the unique accounting and operating characteristics that are of major concern to. The industry’s ability to continue generating growth, creating jobs and enabling national development and regional integration is dependent on whether it recognizes and adapts to key trends and transformational issues that will affect the industry in the short, medium and long term.

Hotel ratings are often used to classify hotels according to their quality. From the initial purpose of informing travellers on basic facilities that can be expected, the objectives of hotel rating has expanded into a focus on the hotel experience as a whole.

Today the terms 'grading', 'rating', and 'classification' are used to generally refer to the same concept, that is to categorize hotels. There can be mutiple strategies in evaluating and promoting external ratings. This article shares some contrasting examples.

May 21,  · Characteristics of the Tourism Industry My thesis focuses on the tourism industry – or more specific the tourism industry in Tyrol, Austria.

There are certain important characteristics about that industry which make it necessary and exciting for companies when planning a marketing/social media strategy.

Service characteristics of hospitality and tourism
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