Salient features of indian agriculture

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What are the salient features of Antarctic Treaty?

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Salient Characteristics of Indian Agriculture

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Diversity in Life Systems:. INDIAN AGRICULTURE Indian agriculture had reached the stage of development and maturity much before the now advanced countries of the world embarked upon the path of progress.

There was a proper balance between agriculture and industry and both flourished hand in hand. India is one of the world’s largest agrarian economies and agriculture is the backbone of our country’s economy. Despite of industrialization and liberalizations it provides employment to around 60% of the country’s population.

Dec 11,  · The Salient Features of Indian Economy. Posted by notesforcompetitiveexaminindia on December 11, 2 Primary sector of Indian Economy is agriculture and related sectors. 3 Secodary section of Indian Econoomy is related to industry, manufacturing,electricity etc. Salient Features of Indian Agriculture – Part 1 Agriculture – backbone of Indian economy India is an agricultural economy where approx.

49% of the people depend on agriculture. Net sown area still accounts for about 47% of the total cultivable area of India. The salient characteristics of Indian agriculture have been described in the fallowing headings: 1.

8 Most Important Salient Features of Indian Agriculture

Diversity in Agricultural Systems: India has a great number of agricultural systems as advocated by Whittlesey. Its large latitudinal sprawl and diverse climates. Salient Features of Indian Agriculture – Part 2 HYV (High Yielding Variety) Seeds Green Revolution by Norman Borlaug Positives To achieve self-sufficiency in food Shorter Life cycles Increased productivity Benefited Wheat & Rice Benefitted Punjab, Haryana, UP, TN, Andhra Pradesh & Maharashtra Negatives Input cost increased More water & fertilizer required Chemical poisoning of soil.

Salient Characteristics of Indian Agriculture Salient features of indian agriculture
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