Myki project boundary

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A $1 Billion balls up and a really bad joke called 'Myki'

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Wongm's Rail Gallery» Recent uploads. Recent uploads. Recent uploads, images to shown on this page. Myki. Empty steps at Flinders Street Station 29 October PM. 'Project boundary' pegs at the Edmund Herring Oval 29 October PM.

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She confirmed that she had discussed the myki project with Mr Brumby several times. "John and I obviously talk on a fairly regular basis about the myki project, and we have a range of different scenarios if things aren't working as well as envisaged," she said.

Myki (MY -kee) is a reloadable contactless smartcard ticketing system used on public transport in Victoria, Australia. The system is promoted by Public Transport Victoria and is valid on most public transport services in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The system was developed by Kamco (Keane Australia Micropayment Consortium). Overall, the project was a success, but some problems arose along the way to completion.

Largely, these were focused on issues of social rather than technical construction—something even the most strategic of plans cannot account for. zomg why do so many people mill around the Myki gates at Box Hill?! I was lucky to make my train, having to bully my way past them. Some of them try and fail to touch on, presumably because their balance is below $0.

Myki project boundary
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