Kunta kinte

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'Don't call me Toby:' The story of the slave who fought back

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The Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation mission is to spread Alex Haley’s vision of a world that celebrates ethnic diversity while honoring humankind’s common, universal experiences. Through educational and cultural programs, public forums and research, the Foundation is dedicated to stimulating greater interest in African-American culture.

Kunta Kinte. likes. Developing Education through Story Telling for Change. We are PanAfricans! Add Image Kunta Kinte was a Mandinka warrior from the African village of Juffere.

His parents were Omoro Kinte and Binta Kinte. Kunta is the central character of the miniseries. He married Belle Waller and had a daughter with her. He named her Kizzy, which means "stay put" in African. So began.

Kunta Kinte

Online shopping from a great selection at Digital Music Store. Aug 03,  · Kunta Kinte continues to captivate millions of Americans. His great, great, great, great grandchildren share his story. Jan 23,  · Watch video · A saga of African-American life, based on Alex Haley's family history.

Kunta Kinte is abducted from his African village, sold into slavery, and taken to /10(K).

Kunta kinte
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